Wednesday, 8 July 2009

fragments of conversation

the language of birdsong, of art and of science
mole motorways and insect paths
the myriad histories carried by the land
a butterfly emerging from the skull of a deer
the smell of musk thistles
the eternal shift of the coastline and the human desire for stability


  1. posted this comment to Claire by mistake, meant it in response to you!
    this brings it all back so beautifully
    you remember different things
    i remember the dip of the land as we came down the path from bards hill
    over walsey hills
    i did the walk two day later with my brother
    we went much faster
    it went by in a blur

  2. Salt House

    A bee wolf eats wasps
    Honeysuckle grows bold
    The sea is breathing sand

    A paper world is plundered
    Woodbine twines to heaven
    Sand is breathing water

    A mansion is destroyed
    A river of flowers is trumpeted
    Wave and stone are one