Thursday 23 July 2009

Drawing threads together

Play can be serious fun, at different times walks were funny and challenging.
The people, land, shoreline and sea have been filled with stories and I find myself weaving a Salt Trails cloth.
Drawing together walkers, places, flotsam and jetsam, images and threads of conversations.

There are long strands, a warp, of the route we took.
There are the shorter, weft like threads, which make the crossings and relationships found on walks.
There are even more fragile ones, almost invisible, which may be the silences or clouds passing over.
Potential for a treble, or even quadruple layered cloth comes to mind, where there are some threads that appear occasionally. They are the stitching cloth, holding layers together, not always in an obvious pattern.
The crossings like those of Indra's net, reflecting all
the new ways of hearing, seeing and perceiving. They are reminders of walks taken and people known, or conversations and journeys that will be taken in future.

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